Saturday 4 November and Refections

Today we just drove into Kyrenia for a wander around and a breakfast at Çıralı where we were treated to some local foods at bargain prices. İçli köfte (kibbeh), börek and lahmucan with ayran. After a quick final pack and sort out of the villa we were were on our way to Larnaca airport. 

Mosque in Kyrenia

Fountain in Kyrenia 

Northern Cyprus is a wonderful holiday location.  Away from the busy coastal roads the scenery is wonderful, and the people friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of tourist traps in the main centres but if you make a bit of an effort and seek out the places that the locals use in the villages and backstreets you will have a much better culinary and social experience. We only had one slightly disappointing afternoon snack at a cafe on the coastal road where were were charged a very good price for very average food. 

I imagine during the peak season it gets very crowded and is far too hot but October was a perfect month for hill walking – though of course rain could be experienced at this time of year. 

Business Proposition? 


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