Northern Cyprus Walk Summaries and GAIA Maps

Overview of Walks in Northern Cyprus

Details of Walks

Monday 30 October 

Bellapais Circuit

13 km, 410 m ascent

Tuesday 31 October 

Beşparmak Loop

16 km, 480 m ascent

Wednesday 1 November 

Famagusta City Walls

6.5 km, 20 ascent
Salamis Tour

4.6 km, 15 m ascent

Thursday 2 November

Kantara Castle Circuit 

10.5 km, 275 m ascent

Antiphonitis Church descent to Esentepe

8 km, 40 m ascent 

Friday 3 November

Buffavento Castle Climb

2.5k m, 220 m ascent

St Heralion Castle Hill Circumnavigation 

6.5 km, 320 m ascent 

Total for the week:

67.6 km 1780 m

(Average ~8 miles per day and ~1200 feet)


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