About me

I’m a fifty-seven year old, nearly grown-up man from York, England. Married to Angela with two grown up daughters, Olivia and Sophie. We’re empty nesters so it’s time to do all those things we’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity. What’s this “we” I hear in the back ground …

I’d call myself a recreational cyclist … my wife calls me something else … I ride my road bike most weekends. I do a few Sportives and charity rides. Occasionally I commute. I have done quite a lot of mountain biking and I’ve fallen off a hell of a lot too. I was only hospitalised once though. I’ve done a few coasts to coast rides in the UK, that’s mountain bike and road routes. I love cycling. I’m not passionate about it though because I’m never going to use that word in here. It sucks …

On our holidays I always hire a bike. In fact, since I started riding in the mid 90’s, I can’t recall a holiday when I didn’t. It’s not a question of “shall I” but one of “when and where”. So, I’ve done many days rides in the UK, Canaries, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey. I’ve never toured abroad though. Thought I ought to give it a try whilst I’m still able.

Over the last few years I’ve done less mountain biking and more walking. It must be an age thing. Injuries are slower to heal and as I said, I do fall off a lot. I’ve done a few challenge walks such as the Three Yorkshire Peaks and the Lyke Wake Walk (never, ever again – I swear my right knee is still swollen) and completed Wainright’s Coast to Coast walk. I’m part way through the Pennine Way too. So, doing another long distance path in one of the best parts of the world seemed to make sense too.

The start of Great Dunn Fell, on the Pennine Way, August 2013

The start of Great Dunn Fell, on the Pennine Way, August 2013 – yes I was well done that day ….


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Richard Abram

    Hi Martin, great blog. Looking for a bit of advice please. I’m currently in eskisher with a very very loaded touring bike want to head to konya and hoping to see some sites in the phrygian valley on the way through. Any hints? Can’t be too bad a road due to my gear. Any accommodation to leave my stuff and go.for a walk? Thanks mate

    1. martjenk Post author


      Hi and thanks for your email. Head to Yazılıkaya. This is one of the main tourist areas and not too hilly (it’s not flat though!). I can recommend the Midas Han nearby at Çukurca which has more Eurpoean prices. I think there is other accommodation too but I’m just heading out and can’t check but will look later. Some of the sites are in good walking range from Midas Han. When nare you planning to leave?



  2. Johan Spee


    Thanks for this wonderful blog.
    I walked the Likya Yolu in 2015 (http://jhanalog.com/2014-likya-yolu/) using Kate Clow’s guide book which was quite useless. I did not have a GPS at the time so I ended up having quite an adventure. I plan to do the Phrygian Way next spring, but swapping the guide book for a GPS this time. The problem is I can’t find any tracks. I’d have to buy the book to get a password for the download but I’d rather not waste any money on that.
    Could you, somehow, make your gpx tracks available please?

    Thanks & happy hiking,

    Johan Spee

  3. david price

    Hi Martin, very useful blog, thanks. I’m going to be cycling the Phrygian Way in october and wanted to ask you where you left your bike box whilst you were cycling?

    1. martjenk Post author

      Hi David, when I did the Phrygian Way I flew into Kütahya airport then took a taxi to a hotel in Atlıntaş. I left my bike box there and returned to this hotel. They were very accommodating and it was no problem at all. When I did the Evli Çelebi Yolu, I started in Istanbul and th red hotel dispose of my cardboard box. I finished that ride in the city of Kütahya and a bike shop boxed my bike up for me (for 5 lira I recall). I checked it over and they’d done a good job but I just got them to tie everything together which was a good idea as bottom fell it if the box after it had probably been standing on a wet airport runway. When are you planning to go and what’s your itinerary please? You can email me at martjenk@aol.com. I highly recommend this route. Well worth it. Cheers. Martin


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