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Hi, this is my blog about my travels in Turkey. I am planning to do some bike rides and walks there this year (2014) and if you have similar ideas you may find it interesting. Or very, very dull. Let’s see …

My first trip in 2014 is a bike ride along parts of the Evliya Çelebi Way (ECW). This is a fairly new long distance path in the west of Turkey. You can find out a lot more about it here: http://cultureroutesinturkey.com/c/evliya-celebi-way . I aim to do this trip solo and unsupported at the end of May 2014. Solo? Well, I do actually have a few friends, some of them even have bicycles, they even ride them from time to time … but none of them seemed to want to try this little jaunt … friends eh?

My second trip this year is a walk along part of the Lycian Way (LW). From Kaş to Fethiye in early October 2014. See: http://cultureroutesinturkey.com/c/lycian-way . This will be with a pal of mine. You are still coming – aren’t you Bob? … Bob!?

Above Kaş near the Lycian Way September 2013

Above Kaş near the Lycian Way September 2013


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