Phrygian Way June 2017 Routes

You should buy the official guide book to get the whole route’s GPX file. You just need to down load that file to your GPS or App (eg GAIA) on your smart phone.  I’ve listed below the routes that I took which are a little different to these due mainly me cycling and not walking the trail (as some sections aren’t that suitable for a loaded bike) and wanting to sleep with a roof over my head. Not that I’m a cissy or anything ….

These maps and info below are just to give an idea of the route I took and what’s easily possible – even for a knackered old beggar like me …

My Complete Route

I started in Altıntaş and rode the main route in an ant-clockwise direction plus a few additional loops around Sabunpınar.

Each coloured section shows a day’s ride(s); some of the loops overlapped.

Total distance 445 km (278 miles)

Total ascent 4005 metres (23,350 feet) 












Friday 23 June


Altıntaş (via Döğer and Emre Gölü) to Üçlerkayası












Saturday 24 June


Üçlerkayası (via Ayazini)  to Alanyurt













Sunday 25 June


Alanyurt (via Han and Yazlıkayası) to Çukurca

Monday 26 June

Çukurca (via Kırkıa) to Yumaklı

Tuesday 27 June

Yumaklı (via Sökmen) to Sabuncupınar

Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June 

Sabuncupınar Loops 

Sabuncupınar Naldöktören Tepsi Loop

Sabuncupınar to Kayser Kalesi

Sabuncupınar to Porsuk Gölü

Thursday 29 June

Sabuncupınar (via Alayunt and Çifteoluklar) to Altıntaş