The Lycian Way

On the Lycian Way near Kınık, between Kalkan and Fethiye, July 2012

On the Lycian Way near Kınık, between Kalkan and Fethiye, July 2012

This is the one I will be walking.

When I found out about this path, I thought it would be a great idea to cycle it. I know that a few people who have done this. Having explored some parts of it on day rides around Kalkan and Kaş I realised that this isn’t such a great idea. Some sections are very steep and rocky. If you like pushing and carrying your bike for long sections then you could give it a try. But doing it unsupported I could see it going pear shaped. There are many sections which even for very fit and competent mountain bikers are impossible to ride. And a lot of it would be no fun at all for the average mountain biker, especially carrying the additional gear needed for touring. I think you could put a very good ride together using some of the back roads and some of the more rideable parts of the path (like the ones in these photos) but detailed trail knowledge would be needed to do this.

Xantos, on the Lycian Way, July 2012

Xantos, on the Lycian Way, July 2012

So, we’ll be walking the section from Kaş to Fethiye in the reverse direction to most people. It will be just under 100 miles and we will do it over seven days, staying in hotels and pensions.

Today, Friday 23 May, I completed the booking of our accommodation. I had three places to call and after introducing myself in Turkish I usually ask if the person speaks English. When I called one place I didn’t do this. The line was very poor but I made my reservation though the guy spoke quite quickly and I found it difficult to understand him. Then when it came to pay him we got cut off. Then the line was engaged. The guy then sent me a text with his landline number and when I called him it was much clearer. He then asked me (in Turkish) if I was German. Yok, İngiltere’den geliyorum, (No, I’m from England) I replied. Then, in very clear English he said “Well in that case we can speak English.” I’m still laughing about that …


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